List Price

Before you can list your auctions, you will be required to register before you can post or bid. Registration is required to track bids, keep up with the bids and determine the winning bids and build a database on seller and bidder feedback. When you list your price, the starting price is the lowest price you are willing to sell your services. Bidding will start at this price. We advice to be considerate with your price listings. Sellers have found that setting the starting price too high may discourage bidding. 

Receive Bids

During Bidding, the bidders are to place bids on services or items with the confidence that they have all the information they need to bid wisely. This website provide system through the auction lot by lot, as they would in an in-person auction. At closing, the highest bidder on each item is responsible for subscribing your services or purchasing your item. 

Take Booking

Take your booking now. Buyers may have several payment options depending on the allowable payment method including credit card, debit card,  cash on delivery and escrow services. However, we do not accept all forms of payment. See settings for more information. All payment requires  to use an escrow service. For a fee, generally 5 percent of the cost of the item paid by the buyer, an escrow service accepts payment from the buyer. The service releases the money to the seller only after the buyer receives and approves the transaction or merchandise. 

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